A really simple exercise to get your brain working on infinite possibilities for your business.

Imagine for a moment that you could have anything you want for your business. Anything at all. If you could just write it down then one day it would happen. If everything that was on the list could be achieved then what would the list look like?

Step 1. Get a full block of Post It notes

In no particular order, start writing the ideas down. One idea per Post It note. Just keep going and going and writing down the ideas in any order they appear in your mind. The aim is to keep unlocking new ideas no matter how crazy they are. Don’t let your fears and doubts get in the way of your creativity. Just go for it. Remember, this is a world in which ANYTHING is possible. Once you think you have exhausted your ideas take a quick break and start to think of new areas of your business where you haven’t yet put your focus. Then pick up the pen and start writing again. Try this a few more times until your idea factory is completely empty.

Step 2. Find a large table or wall space that is clear

Create some ‘heading’ Post It notes for areas of your business. They can be anything but there are some obvious ones such as;

  • Sales
  • Marketing and communications
  • PR and media
  • Capital/fundraising
  • Revenue/income streams
  • Vertical markets
  • Human resources
  • Operations
  • Research and development
  • Legal
  • Partnerships

These are just guidelines. You can create any areas that make sense for you. Now put these headings up at the top of the wall or table, and then start to peel off the ‘Ideas’ notes one at a time and start to place them under the appropriate headings. You might find that you need to create some new headings, or merge two into one

Step 3. Merge, reduce, and refine your board

You might have repeated a number of ideas, or they may be under multiple headings, or you may be able to identify how to further refine your ideas now that they are all falling into line inside the new structure you have created. Keep working this process until you have a succinct list for each heading. Step back and take a look at what you have created and once more, see if there are any new ideas that you can create to complete the lists. Don’t worry, you can always come back and add more later.

Step 4. Focus on the highest priorities and order of occurrence

OK now, under each heading, I want you to start to re-order the list in terms of which comes first. Some ideas are dependent on other ideas having already been achieved. Place the ideas in a natural order with the first priorities at the top.

Step 5. Define the next logical steps

By now you may be feeling exhilarated and excited about the endless possibilities, or you may be feeling completely exhausted and overwhelmed by all the things you now have to consider. Either way, the hard work is done and you can take a moment to appreciate this grand vision you have in a world with no boundaries. And you should now be able to see that there are steps that you can take to get you closer and closer to achieving these exciting possibilities for your business.

For the final step of this exercise I want you to pick three things from each section and put a big asterisk on them, and next to that I want you to put a date by which you will have this completed. Then schedule this in your calendar and let’s make it happen!

You can capture your ‘Anything is Possible’ board by writing the headings and ideas down by taking photos of the sections, or by transcribing into a table like this one.

Download the worksheet pdf

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